WIV, LLC is now WIV Solutions

As of 1/1/2020, WIV, LLC and its technology have become WIV Solutions.

WIV Solutions will soon reveal a repackaged version of a 40-year-old ‘new’ technology for waveform analysis. Envisioned as a clever solution to a classified Cold War project, this unique method has remained unknown for many years. The core of this new approach is a particle-like entity called a Waveform Information Vector or WIV. WIV’s approach to waveform analysis mimics that of the human cochlear and for over 40 years has been used in cochlear research. In 1983 WIV, LLC was formed to expand usage to specialized proprietary applications.

Today, WIV Solutions is taking the next step in the evolution of WIV technology by releasing generic modules formulated to replace FFT’s in waveform analysis applications. WIV’s are superior to FFT’s in many ways that you will soon see, but for now, one reason can be summed up in this statement – a WIV processor is an analog for the human ear. FFT’s are not. Anything your ears can do – WIV’s can do too. [Oh, I should probably mention one more thing. A WIV processor can run in real-time on an Arduino microcomputer.] Stay Tuned!

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