WIV Solutions

About Us

Who is WIV Solutions?

We are the champion of a unique approach to frequency-based waveform analysis.

An unique non-Fourier Transform (FFT) based approach that overcomes FFT’s limitations.

No precision reducing windowing.  An ability to detect instantaneous events.   

Calculation speed doesn’t vary with waveform complexity.  Consistent processing speeds further contribute to timing precision.  

Capable of operating on waveforms ranging from 100 Hz. to 100,000 Hz. (processor speed dependant.)

Capable of real-time operation using the simplist of microprocessors.  

Code size small enough to fit in memory constrained controllers.

A proven ability for real-time processing on microcontrollers such as the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. 

Our methodology is based on a clever technique derived from a classified Cold War defense project. A solution from a period when a small computer described its room and computational capability limited.  

After declassified, it became the center of small scale research projects. Projects fostoring its refinement and proving its capability.  

Our methodology is a 50 year-old new waveform analysis platform.


Albert Doolittle

Founder & CEO

Futurist, problem solver.

A track record for producing creative solutions to commercial and industrial problems.